Sell Your Car

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3 easy steps to go


Several criteria will influence the pricing of your car so browse similar ads (model, year of construction, mileage, engine type, similar options, etc.) on I-Rock Auto to get an idea of the value of your vehicle. Remember that selling at a fair and negotiable price will attract a lot of customers.


We recommend you take as many pictures as possible of both interior and exterior of your car. Pictures of the interior and engine have proven to be efficient when it comes to win the buyer’s trust.


Write a detailed description of your vehicle and mention all the options and equipment (AC, ABS, power steering, etc.). One option might determinate the purchase for the buyer. To gain the buyers’ trust, explain why you are selling your vehicle: it could be because you need a bigger car, you are moving  or just because you need money.

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Tips for Buyers

  • Make sure that the seller is actually the owner of the vehicle
  • Always check the origin of the car before buying it (make sure it’s not a stolen car).
  • Always request to check the white book before buying
  • Try to check the authenticity of the mileage
  • Make sure the fitness inspection of the vehicle is up to date
  • Have the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic